Why we work with children and women

  • ​To provide a safe space and environment to work with children affected by domestic violence in order to effect change in their lives.
  • ​To provide a practical child centered approach for  children  to support them express their feeling and emotions with an emphasis on safe care.
  • To work collaboratively with mother and child to address issues affecting their relationships.
  •  To provide a caring environment  where a child can explore and understand their feelings and experiences and the impact of domestic violence on their lives.
  • To help and support a mother understand the effects domestic violence can have on children​
  • The programmes we offer are: Hear our voice: a one to one programme for children aged 4-12 years, Parent Plus- parenting when separated programme for parents and TLC KIDZ  a  concurrent 12 week group programme for mothers and children.

How we do it and what we do.

We accept referrals from Parents/Guardians, the Child and Family Agency (Tusla), Schools, Community projects, Public Health Nurse and others working with children affected by domestic violence. We will refer onwards in collaboration with a mother to other relevant profession to meet the needs of the child and family.


Referrals are processed according to the needs of the family and child in question who is affected by Domestic Violence, the child care worker will make an assessment and accept a referral based on the child and families need and the refuges capacity to work with them and the availability of places.

Consent and confidentiality

Consent is required for children to participate in our domestic violence programmes and to work with our childcare service. This consent is obtained from the parent and child and confidentiality is to be agreed to respect others who are residing in the refuge.


The child care worker will assess your child’s needs following a referral or contact from the parent and tailor our programme to the child needs of the child, in collaboration with the mother/guardian accordingly.

To enquire about support for your child, contact the refuge and speak with our staff team

The Playroom in our refuge where children have fun.

Funded by the Child and Family Agency

Contact Amber Kilkenny Women’s Refuge CLG. 24 hours a day on 1850 42 42 44.

Refuge Contact Numbers – 056-7771404 056-7771447/056-7771878